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12/31/04-White Oak

Freedom Fighters: David Knotts

In February of 1943, David Knotts left behind his family and friends in Gladewater for a journey that would take him to seven countries, involved in a war like the world had never known before.

Knotts was an Army Combat Engineer who soon found himself spearheading General George S. Patton's Army from the beaches of Normandy through Europe. Knotts has written about his war experiences in his book "Memoirs of World War Two." Knotts refers to the three weeks he spent in The Battle Of The Bulge as "three weeks of Hell." But, he admits he hadn't seen the real hell until he arrived at a Natzi Death Camp where bodies were piled up in wagons and the crematory ovens were at full blast.

Photos of Knotts and his friends at the end of the war show war-hardened veterans, their faces a sharp contrast to earlier innocence. However, David Knotts says he was called to do a job and he went over and did it for his loved ones and his country.

Joan Hallmark, reporting.
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