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The push for Kari's law one year later

It's been one year since a young mother died in a Marshall motel as her daughter tried to dial 911, not knowing she had to dial another 9 first to get an outside line.  Cody Lillich has been talking with Kari Rene Hunt's family about the progress they've made to get the law on their side as they try to make sure no other family suffers because extra steps are needed to get help when time is already precious.  It's a new report at 10.


Storm Tracker 7 Meteorologist Cedric Haynes says it's going to be cold tonight and tomorrow.  But, a warming trend may be on the way.  Watch tonight and he'll let you know if everything is lining up properly for a much longer cold snap or if you can dream of putting the coats up for a while.

We have a dumb, sleepy criminal story for you tonight at 10.  You don't want to miss it.  There's great video.  It won't help explain what the man was thinking but it will give some insight into what he did that got him arrested.

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