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Longview Residents Make Resolutions

In the final two days of 2004, "New Years Resolutions" become the focus of residents all over East Texas and in Longview. The tradition of "Resolution", usually refers to something about ourselves that we don't like, didn't change during the course of the year, but hope to have luck changing during the course of the new year. 
"I think we all have those mental notes to ourselves of those things we would do differently, or improve upon or change," says Longview resident Julie Rigby.
Getting into shape, getting healthy and better controlling of finances are always on the list. Some take it very seriously, and set goals that are achievable.
"I want to be more organized, have things more set and put in places in my house," says Longview mall employee Heather Jernigan.
  "Not to be afraid of anything, so I bought a snake and I broke up with my boyfriend," said Mount Pleasant native Amanda Cooper.
But others use the tradition for very creative, if unreasonable, goals. 
"This new year I think Disney world should do firecrackers shaped like important people," said 8- year-old Colter Macdonald. 
But others don't bother...
"No, I don't make new years resolutions cause if you break them you sin," laughingly said Pearlie Walker. 

Bob Hallmark reporting.

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