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Online Auctions: One Way To Reduce Holiday Debt

So, you decided to play Santa this year.
"All told,  probably a couple thousand," said Denise Crelia about her holiday spendng.
"When my husband gets the credit card bill he's going to be quite upset," said Brenda Simmons.
Now that the holiday ham has cooled, you are left with a big monster stealing the joy out of Christmas, a monster named debt.
"We tried to limit it this year," said shopper Jeff Starr, "because we're just a little financially strapped right now."
The solution to your holiday financial woes could be lying in the back of your closet or in the garage. 
Whether new presents this year, or old, anything from electronics, jewelry, decorations or even old exercise equipment can bring in extra cash from online sites like E-Bay and
One local business is trying to make the task easier. "Money for Nothing" in Tyler is actually offering something to customers.
"They don't even have to know how to turn a computer on," said owner Robert Lloyd. "Just bring the item in to us, we do the research for you, let you look at what it's worth."
The business takes in items, posts them on E-Bay and sends a check to the customer. They take a fee ranging from 20 to 30 percent depending on how much the item sales for.
"We've listed everything from rings, to golf clubs, electronics do real well, cameras, everybody's got several cameras setting in their closet."
"Well sometimes you get things that you don't know where you got them from," said Denise, "and they've still got the tag on them, and somebody else could use them, why not?"
Your old gifts become new treasure, while putting a little extra money in your pocket.
Financial experts say if you want to get off to a quick start, be sure to put your items up for bid starting with a fair minimum bid price.

Maya Golden reporting,

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