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Send Alex a birthday card

(Source: Alex LeFevre website) (Source: Alex LeFevre website)

Alex LeFevre, a Vermont 12-year-old with special needs, is getting birthday wishes from all over the world as he approaches his 13th birthday.

Alex's mother said he loves maps and plans to use the cards to chart them on a map. She initially requested the cards in a Facebook post:

Friends, I have a favor to ask. Alex is turning 13 this year. In years past, he has had lots of friends to a big birthday party....and he loved it. At 13, well, other kids 'grow out' of that sort of thing....and even if we did it, the party stuff, while still appropriate for Alex, would not really be fun for his fellow 13 year olds. Alas, I am not trying to be depressing, and he will still have a party BUT, and here is where you could come in... could you send him a card on his birthday? In it, can you put WHERE you are located so we can pin it on a map and get in a little geography at the same time (hehe!) Maybe even a fun fact about your town or state. His birthday is November 27, so there is lots of time! Thank you tons!

Learn more about Alex here and send him a card at this address below:

Alex LeFevre

16 Howe Street

Williamstown, VT 05679

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