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Major changes because of our investigative report

When we shared our investigative report 'Recall Roulette' with you we knew we were onto something big.  Tonight at 10, our update will show you just how big.  What we've done is changing the way online giant Craigslist does business.

Dia Wall has a new Power of Prayer report for you.  She takes you back with her for a visit with the Cox family.  We've been sharing Brianne Cox's survival story with you since she was born weighing 14 ounces in 1996.  Join us tonight at 10, for the very latest on her journey as she looks forward to her 18th birthday.

Storm Tracker Meteorologist Daniel Graves is tracking cooler temperatures.  He says the 70's we experienced today won't be anywhere in sight over the next couple of days.  Tonight at 10, he'll let you know how much cooler you can expect it to feel later tonight and into tomorrow.

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