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Does It Work: Taco Tastico

The Taco Tastico promises incredibly crunchy taco shells without oil in just minutes. (Source: KLTV Staff) The Taco Tastico promises incredibly crunchy taco shells without oil in just minutes. (Source: KLTV Staff)
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We've all opened a package of taco shells only to find several of them broken, and then there's the whole storage issue. You know, you put them in the cabinet and something bangs into them and they pretty much become chips.

Well, there's a product out there that claims you can make your own taco shells in the microwave with no oil and about a third of the fat. Joe Terrell puts the Taco Tastico's claims up to the "Does It Work" test.

The commercials claim it takes only about a minute for the Taco Tastico to deliver a lot of crunch. 

“Not just crunchy, incredibly crunchy taco shells without oil in just minutes. Let's try it. Now I just need some tortillas," I said and the tortillas popped in from nowhere onto my head.

“All these years and I can't get it in my hand.”

Instructions couldn't be simpler. Just sort of balance the tortilla on top of the Tastico and microwave for about a minute at the highest power level.

“And now say the magic words: Taco Tastico!” I proclaimed.

One minute later…

“And so it should have turned a little brownish. This really hasn't changed color so I'm going to go a little bit longer and see if we can figure out our time.” I said.

Instructions say a minute to a minute thirty depending on wattage. 30 seconds later…

“Okay, I think it kind of burned. It smells a little bit like burned popcorn.” I observed.

I think I'll…

“Try it again. Cook time one-oh-five this time," I said.

“All right. Let's see how we did,” I stated.

This corn taco shell looks just like it's supposed to…remember with no oil.

“Let's try flour.” I stated.

Only difference is you need to pop the little flour tortilla mole things…

You know, the brown, mole looking things-- so they don't blow up in the microwave.

Admit it, you knew what I was talking about, right?

“Taco Tastico! Oh, yes, one minute might be the secret number,” I observed.

“Okay, so I've got incredibly crunchy taco shells with no oil from the microwave, but I really need to put this into practice into the real world. I've got an idea, what any American male would do when they don't know how to cook: make a run for the border,” I said.

Taco Bell provided the pre-made taco insert, and voila, instant tacos! And yes, they were extremely crunchy, both corn and flour.

So does Taco Tastico live up to its name? Does it Work? We give it a hard-crunching yes.

“They are very loud,” I said as Jamey Boyum joined me for a taco.

“They are really loud. I need hearing protection,” Jamey said.

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