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12/27/04-East Texas

No Place Like Work For The Holidays

For the past 3 years, Michael Templeton has worked the busiest shopping days of the year. That means impatient shoppers, tons of returns, and lots of questions. But ask him how he feels about being a holiday worker, and his answer may surprise you.

"Christmas is a fun time of the year to work," he responds.

Michael says spending the holiday on the job is something he knew he would have to do when he was hired. The trick to keeping his cool and his smile? A good attitude.

"It's just part of it, and once you commit to doing something you gotta do it," he says.

Managers agree, it's best to let employees know about the holiday work up front.

"People take a bad surprise, much worse than bad news. If you tell them right up front that they'll be doing it, they don't mind so much. We tried to work with our employees to make sure they either had off in the morning or the afternoon, which ever one they preferred, and we had a Christmas party here," says Shad Ayres, Assistant Manager at Hastings.

There may have been a party on Christmas Eve, but the day after Christmas was anything but.

"Oh my goodness, it was packed so mush so that you couldn't walk down the aisle without walking around people," says Ayres.

Today the aisles have cleared out quite a bit, at least for now...

"Now, more stuff's being put up and more stuff is being taken off,. We're moving stuff around, we took down all the Christmas stuff today, getting ready for a new phase," says Templeton.

And for that new phase, managers have some advice.

"You can make the best of a situation, it's all in your attitude. It's all in how you feel about it."

Since last Wednesday, Hastings opened early and closed late. Managers say for the 6 weeks prior to Christmas they are required to work 48 hours a week. They ended up working around 54. However, everyone was off Christmas day.

Reporting: Braid Sharp

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