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Better East Texas: President should assume tougher stance

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President Obama has been on a foreign affairs tour and recently has had multiple encounters with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The relationship between the two world leaders remains very cool as the U.S. and Russia are at odds over a number of situations including Russia's involvement in the Ukraine, its support of the embattled Syrian government and others.

Additionally, the Russian economy is suffering because of sanctions placed on it by neighbor nations and the U.S. But where the formal relationship is cool, Russian President Putin seems to be winning the war of public impressions. He stole the show by putting a shawl around the wife of the President of China, which evidently offended the Chinese, but made Putin look considerate to the rest of the world.

In some of the video showing the two presidents, President Obama tries to look intimidating but really doesn't not pull it off. He was also criticized for his repeated habit of chewing Nicorette gum in front of the cameras. The cameras caught him multiple times chomping away. It just made him look too casual for a truly high-level, world-in-the-balance meeting. So the war of words and impressions continues but you have to hope that we have a more thorough plan to deal with Russia than emerged at the summit in China.

Our leadership in the world is challenged on many fronts and President Obama can absolutely win people over if he will assume the role of diplomat-in-chief and that will make for Better East Texas.

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