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12/26/04-East Texas

Proud Of East Texas: Margaret Morehead

Many of our Christmas traditions, such as the Christmas tree, came originally from Germany. In the Frankston home of Margaret Morehead, generations of German Christmas traditions are preserved.

Margaret Morehead's collection of hand-crafted dollhouses and miniatures have been collected over the years by generations of family members. Some of the pieces are as old as three hundred years and all are hand-made and unique. Margaret's great-grandmother began the collection and her grandparents, a renown opera singer and trumpeter, added many pieces during their concert tours.

It takes weeks for Margaret and her husband Dick to unpack and set up the tiny treasures. She still doesn't know how her parents and grandmother were able to set everything up Christmas eve night for a grand debut Christmas morning. Margaret Morehead feels she is the family caretaker for this multi-generational collection, and although she wants to retain the treasures in her family, she enjoys sharing them with others.

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