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12/26/04-Cherokee County

Roadside Attraction Brings "Big" Attention

In the little town of Ponta, there's a roadside attraction that's causing a big stir.  Ponta is a town of about 300 people located in Southeast Cherokee County, between New Summerfield and Rusk.

One man's unique design is bringing some smiles, and more than a few questions.  Pass by Pete Terry's place off Hwy 110, and you'll see something a little different.  Just off the road sits a 10 foot tall, 7 foot wide, 800 pound... chair.

"I hope they think I'm fun, I hope they don't think I'm crazy, if they do then that's their opinion," said Terry.

For the last five years Terry has placed the Texas sized chair near his home for all to see.  He says over the years it has become a popular attraction.

"All through the year people will stop by and take a picture of my chair or get up in it and take a picture," he said.  "There are always people wanting to get up in it."

And when the lights go out, the chair turns into a holiday surprise.  Decorated with thousands of lights and other lighted attractions nearby.

Pete's father-in-law and neighbor, says the chair is a source of pride for the small town.

"Oh I love it, love it, everybody else loves it, it's a traffic stopper," said LeRoy Sessions.  "They'll just stop right there in the edge of the highway, edge of the field, they really enjoy it."

Pete keeps the chair on display throughout the year.  The decorations are up just during the holidays.  If you would like to see the "big chair" it's located off Hwy 110, about 7 miles South of New Summerfield.

Chris Gibson, reporting

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