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12/24/04-Hidaway Lake

Freedom Fighters: Bernie Demers

Bernie Demers' home at Hidaway Lake is filled with his Christmas collections. Mechanical Santas, tiny villages, and decorated trees ranging from colorful Disney to elegant Christopher Rhadko, indulge a passion Demers has had for this holiday season since childhood.
  A graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy,who spent twenty-two years in the Airforce, Demers admits that Christmases during his military career weren't the warm family times he would have wished. Demers spent three Christmas seasons in Vietnam, jamming enemy radar and dodging Mig fighters. Demers flew 150 missions over Vietnam and was awarded numerous medals, including the "Distinguished Flying Cross". As much as Bernie Demers loves Christmas, he says he still stands ready to serve his country if needed.
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