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Soldier Reunites With Family In Longview

       After 9 months of rugged duty in Iraq, staff sergeant Steven King is back home in Longview for the holidays with his family. A holiday season takes on a much more profound meaning of thankfulness to the Iraq war veteran.

     "It is very different, now coming home because we're in wartime and its shocking a lot of near fatal things that you see, and it's really good to make it through with the troops and come home" says King.

    "I've always seen leadership skills in him, and I'm very proud of him being a leader" says his mother Susan Young.

      The 8 year army veteran comes home to something that he's missed with his family, something special, his mothers home is filled with relatives and laughter!

     "My family and I really enjoy laughing so we're looking forward to having some good times with Steven this Christmas" says Mrs Young.

    Aside from the laughter, Kings homecoming is a source of joy that gifts can't replace.

     "I have the best brother in the world , he's a very good person , I wouldn't trade him for nothing at all" says sister Carla Carpenter.

      For King, the giving of the season doesn't mean material things or presents, but the simple pleasure of enjoying time with his family. He returns to duty in Iraq in January, and hopes to be rotated back to the stats in April.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.

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