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Last Minute Shoppers

The clock is ticking. Christmas is almost here. East Texans spent much of the day in the hustle and bustle at the mall. It was their last chance to chat with Santa, and pick up some extra gifts. So why all the procrastination?

"Work," says Brandon Ford. "I came home after a week of work out of town and I have to get everything done at the last minute."

"Cause I could never get anywhere without her," says Walter Bryan.

"We're still looking around scrambling at the last minute, that's usually how I do things," says Sam Williams .

The excuses were plentiful but so were the deals. Everywhere you turned you saw one magic four letter word. Sale, sale, sale.

"There's been some good deals," says Luis Leos.

"The last minute sales are great, save a lot of money everything I got is 50 percent off," says Ford.

To the surprise of many, there was still plenty to choose from. "I'm looking for cologne, jewelry and clothes the big three," says Bryan.

And most shoppers say they feel waiting to the last minute really paid off. At least that's what their hoping for.

Michelle Mortensen, reporting.

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