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Man Says Celebrex May Have Caused His Stroke

Two years ago Dr.Lynn Browne bought this home right on the golf course because he loved the game. But he can't play anymore. Earlier this year he had a stroke that's left him very unstable. He thinks it was a result of taking Celebrex.

"I had just come home from the Longview office and sat in my chair. When I got up I couldn't stand and fell down," says Dr. Browne.

Dr. Browne was taking Celebrex because of a neck injury. He thought it was safe because several pharmaceutical reps that stopped by his office, Allied Pain Management, said it was. As a chiropractor, it's something he's even recommended to patients.

"The people kept coming to our office saying how safe it was and leaving us boxes of samples," says Dr. Browne.

When Dr. Browne learned of the studies finding Celebrex to increase a person's risk for heart attack or stroke. He felt right away the pills were the reason he suffered from one. Now he's teamed up with lawyer Blake Bailey to see if he has a case against the drug maker Pfizer, because he feels he was betrayed by the pharmaceutical company he trusted for years.

"They were not forthright about the on-going testing they had been doing," says Browne.

Now he hopes justice can be done, and that maybe one day he can get back on the golf course he loved so much.

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