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12/23/04-Smith County

Several Restaurants Had Serious Health Violations

Tio's Restaurant 13411 I 20 West near Lindale was inspected November 18.

Walk-in cooler holding food above 41F. Products on buffet line below 140F Lack of hand washing, and no towels available. No hand sanitizer used. Dish machine not sanitizing raw chicken stored above cooked steaks, raw fish above baked potatoes, raw hamburger above butter and tortillas.

Total demerits: 38. Ten day notice was given to correct.

On a recheck: Dec. 3., improper hand washing was noted. Sliced turkey was held for seven days, was discarded raw meats stored above lettuce, tortilla shells, and other meats spatulas being wiped with dirty cloths.

Total demerits: 22. No recheck ordered.

Taqueria La Huasteca 13421 I-20 West near Lindale was inspected Nov. 18. Additional faucet needed for hand washing. No paper towels at hand sink. Improper dish sanitation.

Total demerits: 19. The establishment passed a later recheck.

Fondita Guerrero was inspected December 13 at 2100 Old Gladewater Hwy. in Tyler. There was no hot water in restaurant. All dishes must be re-washed and sanitized.

Total demerits: 18, and the permit to serve food was suspended. On a recheck later that day, hot and cold water was working. Total demerits: 0.

Big Mama's Soul Food was inspected Nov. 9 at 1224 N. Palace in Tyler. Milk in refrigerator at 52F, should be 41F or below. Pork chops at 72F, should be 41F or below. Beans and corn at 125F, should be 140F or hotter. No cold water at kitchen hand sink. No soap or paper towels at kitchen sink. Mouse bait in kitchen.

Total demerits: 26. On a recheck Dec. 20, potato salad was not date marked, corrected at time of inspection. Total demerits: 7. No recheck ordered.

All inspections by the Northeast Texas Public Health District.

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