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Does It Work: GoJo

We have all needed a third hand at times when it comes to talking on the phone and trying to do something else at the same time. You try to use your shoulder to hold the phone and end up dropping it or hanging up on someone.

Well, the GoJo claims to solve that problem, but I just had to ask: Does it work?

I'm sitting at my desk and the cell phone rings. I answer it.

“Hello?” I say.

“Hey, Joe. Can you do me a favor and look up my schedule? I lost it,” came a request over the phone.

‘Yeah, hold on just a If there was only something that I could go hands free with so I could use my computer at the same time. Why...why there is,” I commented, spotting the GoJo on my desk.

“Hi, I'm Joe Gray with the GoJo hands-free; the only device on Earth that's truly hands-free. These ear buds are not hands-free. You stick them in your ears, which is gross, but you still have to hold your phone. It has no batteries, and no wires. It makes your phone the hands-free device,” Joe Gray said on the GoJo commercial which was suddenly playing on my computer.

“Let's give it a try,” I said.

Opening the package of two GoJos, I see it comes with black buttons you can put on your phone if it has a rough finish. That is supposed to make the suction cup hold better. I use an iPhone 4 with a glass back; the first attempt is a little dangly. I lower the suction cup and I shake it for a little test.

“Oh, oh, look what happened. It just snapped right there,” I observed.

The adjustable plastic band couldn't take the stress. Good thing it wasn't a laptop.

“That's why they give you two,” I stated.

I try it with the iPhone 6. At first the suction cup won't stick to the brushed aluminum casing, but after messing with it, it holds. It has a natural look pressed against my face don't you think?

“Okay, we're going to see if anybody notices. Hey, how you doing? Good to see you. How you doing?” I asked several people as I walked through the newsroom.

“Everything appear normal to you guys?” I asked a couple other employees.

“You look kind of weird,” one said to me.

“Oh, it's just an iPhone 6. You're not used to it,” I pointed out.

So, as I suspected, they barely noticed. But I still don't trust the suction cup. I'd never use it over concrete. We try a button stuck on a case, and it does feel much more secure, until...

“I'm much more comfortable with this than any other...oop,” I am interrupted by the GoJo falling apart in my hands. At first it doesn't look broken, but it turns out the same piece of plastic broke on both GoJos: the thin piece that makes the headset adjustable.

Does it work? We give the GoJo a NoJo.

It's available online for less than $15.

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