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Soldier Comes Home

Jenny's son Bill hasn't been home for Christmas in a long time.

"He has been gone for nearly 2 years," she says. He's in the army, serving in Iraq and Germany. But just a few days ago she learned he was headed home.

"He didn't get his leave until the very last minute. He called me Friday and said I got a ticket With that phone call her Christmas wish came true. She's been praying to see her son again for months, because she's had a difficult year.

"I had cancer last summer and I really could have used him and he was gone. The whole family is waiting at the airport for their solider with flags in hand. They know in just a few minutes, Bill will be home for Christmas.

Finally mother and son are back together. Her Christmas wish has finally come true. "I am so glad you are here," says Jenny.

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