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Gilmer Celebrates Their Winning Buckeyes

The celebration has begun. The 3A Gilmer Buckeyes took home their first ever state title Saturday night against Jasper. Now the whole city of Gilmer is ready to honor their team. A parade is scheduled for Monday night. Fans spent the day gearing up for the revelry.

Becky Burns went to work immediately Saturday night. She knew Monday morning all of Gilmer would be after a state championship t-shirt.

"Everybody is wanting a shirt. I know all my family in Dallas have already called asking for a state champ shirt for Christmas. That's probably all they will get because I don't have time to shop," says Becky Burns.

Becky doesn't even have time to fill all of the t-shirt orders before tonight's parade. Maybe Becky could've started early. The fans seemed to have known all along their Buckeyes would go all the way.

"We just had that feeling that this was the year. It's really been exciting for this community and the kids," says Buckeye fan Johnny Miller.

High school principal, Gary Whitwell agreed, "I've never seen such excitement. The boys just had a tremendous following all throughout the season. We filled stadiums everywhere we went and made memories that will last a lifetime."

Becky was a little ahead of the game. The state champ logo was already designed before Saturday. She didn't even bother designing one if they lost. "We decided we didn't want to jinx ourselves and we just went ahead thinking that we would go ahead and win state."

And win state they did.

Amy Tatum, reporting.

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