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Kilgore Fans Still Beaming Two Days After Title Win

The Kilgore Bulldogs are number one.
The Bulldogs are now the Class 4A Champions and the town is beaming with "Dawg" pride.
"How many times do you get to live in a town where they are state champs?" asked Kilgore resident Quenna Mills.
At Clayton's Minimart where Quenna works, the marquee on the sign out front proudly boasts of the teams win.
"I'd had already listened to the game at my other job and I had already put the score up.
Like the oil dereks that now decorate the town, Kilgore is spouting off about the state championship, and in a place that's called the "City of Stars," residents we spoke to say this is just another point on those stars.
"This whole town is really excited," said Lisa Jaronitzky. "Everywhere you go we were just talking about it in the store about how awesome this football team is."
Over at the Kilgore Chamber of Commerce, officials were bright with red and black pride.
"I was in tears. I think everybody around me was," said Sharon Breedlove.
"I had a call from 'USA Today' and what they're going to do is have a special pull out section of 'USA Today,'" said Chamber of Commerce President Mike Coston. "So people will hear about Kilgore.
School is out for the holidays but it's no holiday for Head Football Coach Mike Vallery.
"The phone's been ringing off the wall about when the parades going to be, and where are the state championship T-shirts, and where are the videos of the game," said Coach Vallery.
"I don't think we'll come down off that cloud nine for a while with the way our community is."
"I'm just glad it ended this way with this football team never seeing what it was to taste defeat and being able to carry that home for the holidays and with their families."
With their state title and a 16 and 0 season, the Kilgore faithfull will have a very Merry Christmas this year.
Kilgore officials say the issue of "USA Today" highlighting the Bulldogs first ever state championship is due this week on newsstands.
A parade is in the works to honor the team. The city plans to hold it after the holidays when students return to class.

Maya Golden reporting,

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