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Dog Survives Shooting In Upshur County

     After surviving an act of animal cruelty, workers say a dog at an East Texas animal shelter is deserving of a loving good home. Over the years workers at the Humane Society of Gregg County have dealt with numerous cases of animal neglect and abuse, but nothing like the case of a 10 month old Labrador retriever they've nicknamed "Precious".

     "How tragic and cruel this is, how could somebody do this to a dog so sweet and loveable, this is the first time I've seen something like this" says Roxanne Hutson, the director of the Humane Society of Gregg County.

      A stray, on November 30th Precious was coaxed into the yard of a residence in Gilmer, where the homeowner shot her 3 times.

   "This dog had developed a little bit of trust with that family knowing it could go there and get a meal, witnesses say the neighbor called the dog into his yard so he could shoot it at point blank range and shot at it several times" Hutson says.

     But Precious survived her wounds, in spite of having a 25 caliber bullet still lodged in her nose. Caretakers believe she survived in order to be a good pet and go to a good home.

    "Animals give us love unconditionally and will forgive us so many times for things such as this, this dog holds no ill will towards anybody" she says.

       But time is a factor for this energetic dog who wants to please, like many of the animals, they can't stay at the society shelter forever.

    "It's tragic because a lot of times we won't be able to find these animals homes, and we do have to euthenize" says Hutson.

     Workers hope there is someone to love "precious" in the future. No charges were ever filed on the homeowner who shot the dog.

Bob Hallmark reporting.

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