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East Texan Celebrates 105th Birthday

Two millenniums, 3 different centuries, over 12 hundred months, and almost 460 thousand days.
One East Texan has lived through just that. Miss Bernice Bach celebrated a milestone birthday Friday, 105 years of life experience.
"I have no secret," she said, "I just live a day at a time."
Bernice Bach's life has spanned over 10 decades. Friday afternoon with family and friends she celebrated that life.
"Oh it's the most wonderful feeling to see all of them," she said.
Santa brought something even more special than anything in a store for Bernice, she's getting another healthy year in a long long life.
"I'm active all the time I walk everyday up and down the halls," Bernice said. "I can't go outside."
But she can use a fax machine.
"Fax machine," she asked, "oh sure. What's so wonderful about that?"
What's wonderful is she faxes her two sons a letter everyday, when many people don't even know how to work their VCR's.
"I'm very blessed, God has been very good to me, blessed me with my children, my grandchildren and my homes."
"Family was always very important, now a days they're not. Children go in one direction parents in another, that's not the way we did it."
Her lessons about life still inspire those who see her everyday.
"She never ceased to amaze me," said Christine Bennett. "I find out something new and more fascinating about her. She's just got an incredible spirit and wonderful heart."
The former Oklahoma resident, a president from the most popular of the Sooners, an autographed picture of head coach Bob Stoops.
To all the teenagers, from someone who's seen the world transformed, some important words from so many years of wisdom.
"Just do what you're supposed to do," Bernice said. "Everyday study, keep your grades up, go to church, Sunday school, and just live a normal life.

Maya Golden reporting, mgolden@kltv.com

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