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"Judging Amy" Makes Breast Biopsy Look Bad

If you ask Dr. Michael Klouda about this week's episode of CBS's Judging Amy where a main character got a mammogram and breast biopsy, he'll tell you an ear full.

"I think they did quite a bit to set back the effort to get women to have them. They didn't portray it in a positive light," says Dr. Klouda.

According to Klouda who has performed over 7000 biopsies the show portrayed it as a horrific, painful experience.

"It showed a large needle and never made it clear there was anesthesia."

Denise Searcy agrees the show made it look very bad. She had a biopsy a year and a half ago and says it was nothing like the show.

"My own personal experience, it was not painful, not worse than a shot," she says.

Biopsies are usually quick, easy procedures.

"We use a needle, place it in breast, watch it with imaging, and obtain a sample of the lesion," says Klouda.

Denise is very glad she had her's done.

"If I wouldn't have had it done, who knows I may not be here today I have Christmas with my kids," she says.

She just hopes her story puts other women at ease, letting them know it's nothing like they portray it on TV.

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