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Bell Ringers Back

Three weeks ago, a customer complaint at a Tyler post office resulted in the Salvation Army Bell Ringer Ban. After investigating that complaint, the post office learned soliciting donations at a post office is against federal law.

That's when the post office decided to break its agreement with the Salvation Army and ask them to leave.

Well, that's all changed. Today, bell ringers are back at 3 Tyler post offices, just as before. The postmaster said he and "state governing officials from the postal service in Dallas" agreed to allow them back on the properties... Honoring their original agreement with the salvation army.

"After thinking about the tradition, and the relationship, I felt it was the right thing to do," says Fred Arrambidez Tyler Postmaster.

"This is just an unexpected joy," says Major Richard Hathorne of the Salvation Army.

We asked the folks at the postal service office in Dallas, if there was any consequence for violating the federal law. They said they were not sure. But they said they will re-examine the issue at the agreement with the salvation army, next year.

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