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Schools Balancing Football Excitement And Exams

Academics versus athletics.
Three East Texas teams are making a run at state championship titles during midterm exams.
At Kilgore High School, the halls display students enthusiasm and excitement for their Bulldog football team.
Kilgore will play Dallas-Lincoln for the state 4-A title in Waco on Saturday.
Exams at the school begin Thursday. Students and faculty are balancing study and test time with football fever.
School officials say it's a juggle, but academics always come first.
"Our staff has done a real good job of keeping the kids involved in class, and we do start exams tomorrow and they're important to our students so we're doing the best job we can," said Principal Bobby Weeley. 
"We're going to try to keep everything routine this week, just like we've been doing every week," said head football coach Mike Vallery. "We'll work our practice schedules around their test exams and try to have everybody focused and staying on a routine and ready to go saturday like we normally do."
A community pep rally will be held Thursday at 7 p.m. at R.E. St. John stadium.

Maya Golden reporting,

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