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Holiday Stress

What do the holidays feel like to you? Fun times with family shopping in the mall for the perfect gift? A wonderful dinner with family and friends that resembles a Norman Rockwell portrait. Or does it look like chaos?

The holidays can mean different things for many people, and many East Texans say they feel stressed out!

"You want to have the table right, presents right, and you get the kids dressed and then they have something on their shirt," says Shashawn Osborne.

Other say the holidays make them sad.

"You think of the loved ones that you've lost over the years and wish they were around," says Jenny Borroughs.

Both feelings can be overwhelming, and both can turn into major depression.

"We look for changes in sleep patterns, energy levels, activity levels, problems making decisions," says Dr. John Pogue a psychiatrist.

Dr. Pogue admits the holidays can be hectic but he says you really need to relax and be healthy.

"The big things are the things we should be doing all year. Get sleep, exercise and proper diet," he says.

If sadness overwhelms you because of loss of a loved one, divorce or other trauma, Dr. Porgue says surrounding yourself with friends. Isolation this holiday is the worst thing you can do.

"This is the time you should be seeking out friends, family and get with support group be with people," says Pogue.

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