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COPY-Town Of Troup Ready For State Title

The Troup Tigers will battle this weekend for the 2-A championship title. It's the biggest thing to hit Troup in 3 decades, and the town is roaring with Tiger pride.
At Steele's Feed and Seed there's a special interest in Saturday's game, son Bo is the Tiger quarterback.
"I feel incredibly proud, but I'm also tickled for them," said mom Cindy Steele. Cindy was a little hoarse for the interview, just as she's been ever Monday for the past 3 months.
"I can't sing in church, because it just loses. I don't have a voice. About the time Friday, it sounds normal we start screaming and shouting again."
"I went to the restroom at half time last week where nobody could see me," she said, "and sqawled for a few minutes to relieve all the pressure and then I prayed."
"My phone rings off the wall because we're trying to get the fan bus together, we're trying to get the tailgate together."
Over at The Flower Cottage this week, you can buy just about all things Tiger and maroon and white.
"I'm going to the airport today to pick up a Brazilian foreign exchange student," said Beth White after buying a Tiger doll and maroon and white balloons. "I'm going to initiate him as a Troup Tiger."
"When the buses came through and the fire truck was leading them, we were all on the street just a waving we were excited, rooting them on," said store owner Karen Langston.
Every game is the big game at the Austin State Bank in Troup where Tiger mom Minnie Greer works. This game is no different, only the stakes are higher.
"Go tigers!" Minnie said. "We wear our jerseys to work, we wear football jerseys we have old jerseys that we wear and we have a really good time with it."
For the next few days, visions of a state trophy are dancing in these Troup residents heads.
A community pep rally will be held at Troup High School this Friday, December17 at 10 a.m.
The team will leave Saturday for North Richland Hills where they will play Crawford.

Maya Golden reporting,

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