Gilmer rolls on without home field advantage

Gilmer rolls on without home field advantage

GILMER, TX (KLTV) - The Gilmer Buckeyes are like a rock band on tour.  So far, 7 tour stops, all over East Texas.

"It feels like an away game is normal for us," said Gilmer senior Blevin Burns. "When we came home it was actually a homecoming for us."

From Tyler to Longview, Tatum to Daingerfield, Melissa back to Gilmer, the Buckeyes put on a show, averaging nearly 60 points per game.

"It's been fun especially in Tatum," Burns.  "It was really fun. It was a close game and we haven't had many of those this year."

After their upcoming road trip to Bullard, the Buckeyes will have traveled more than 600 miles this season.

"I get tired of traveling," said Gilmer senior Quinn Fluellen.  "Going 40 plus miles, I get tired of it."

"It's like the scene in Hoosiers," said head coach Jeff Traylor.  "All the fields are the same, you just have to go out and play. They've been great. On the road there's more distractions and travel. Packing your bag, for a bunch of teenagers remembering your helmet is a big deal. So we've survived all that stuff. We'll be back on the road this week but we'll be home next week and that will be our two home games for the year."

Home field advantage would be nice, but it's not necessary. The Buckeyes hope their perfect road record, will lead to final tour stop at AT&T stadium.

"I think we've embraced it because we're getting used to it," said Burns.  "We feel like we're battle tested on the road."

"This is just another one of those teams that has a shot," said Traylor.  "We'll see how it turns out in the end. Right now we're playing pretty good and we're excited about them."

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