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St. Louis Students Get Christmas Shopping Spree

Christmas came a little early this year for the special needs students at the St. Louis school. The kids just found out they could buy whatever they wanted at Target. It's a gift from a law firm in Houston. The Zigtems of the Mostyn firm give the gift every year in honor of the children.

"My mother was employee for St. Louis schools and this is what she loved," says Jackie Zigtem.

Here's how it works. The kids each get 50 dollars then they can pick up anything they want and bring it home.

"He just loves music it makes him real happy," says teacher Robert Ogden about student David.

David wanted a musical toy this Christmas more than anything.

"Everything that he does, music seems to be what inspires him. Whenever we are trying to get him to move on the floor we put something on the floor to get him to go to, and that gets him going. So that's what he likes," says Ogden.

Austin and Montrey are also shopping with their teacher Uvonna Votaw. They've got sports equipment on the top of their list.

"Are you shopping? Yeah! What are you shopping for? A basketball. Is that what you really wanted for Christmas? Yeah!"

And even though the day was all about the kids, the kids wanted to give back too, even to us.

"May I give you a hug? Yeah, I would like that a lot."

Each child loaded up with toys and clothes. Teacher Uvonna says this kind gift means more to the kids than anyone will ever know.

"I have been with these kids for six years and whenever I see someone help it's a miracle," says Uvona.

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