Better East Texas: Health care workers serve as first line of defense

Better East Texas: Health care workers serve as first line of defense

(KLTV) - The Ebola scare seems to be settling down as quarantined people begin to emerge without the virus and others that are infected are holding their own in their fight to recover.

Hopefully, if others are infected, we have now learned how to deal with patients and all the by-products of their care. Certainly, you have to keep praying for any health care providers who have been infected. But before there was Ebola, there were any number of infectious diseases that threatened doctors, nurses, paramedics, and any number of healthcare workers every day.

Just think about everything from tuberculosis, AIDS, the flu, and even the common cold that health care workers are exposed to. Ebola may soon be off the news radar but these other diseases will continue.

We need to recognize and thank those doctors, nurses and others for the jobs they do every day. They truly charge into the fire, not knowing, in many cases, what the fire is. So, next time you encounter someone on the front lines of health care, thank them. It is richly deserved and probably long overdue. That thanks may be the only good that comes out of the Ebola crisis.

So, thank you, doctors, nurses, lab technicians, paramedics, firefighters and anyone that carries out this truly dangerous work. You are appreciated and you make for a Better East Texas.

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