Better East Texas: Lewinsky using Internet to sell story

Better East Texas: Lewinsky using Internet to sell story

(KLTV) - Former White House intern Monica Lewinsky is back in the news.

Lewinsky, now 38 years old, was the infamous other woman in the scandal that led to the impeachment of President Bill Clinton. Lewinsky was an intern in the White House and admitted to having an affair with the president.

She is now on a speaking tour, voicing her experience for the first time. She considers herself "patient zero," as the first person destroyed by the Internet. Her message theme is that she wants to put an end to cyberbullying.

There are many different opinions on Lewinsky, and it appears that she really has had very little of a career to speak of, so now, she is out trying to sell her story and is using the cyberbullying theme as a catalyst. While she certainly was roasted in the media, much of the criticism was self-imposed.

She says the cyberbullying ruined her life and now she wants to help others who have been put to shame. I want to feel some compassion for her but, again, she paid in many ways for her actions and now she wants to make money on her shame.

The additional irony is that she extols the damage caused to her by the Internet but she is now trying to embrace social media by joining Twitter. Yes, patient zero for cyberbullying is on Twitter.

If Monica Lewinsky were truly trying to bring a solution to cyber harassment, she should not embrace the very pathway that caused her and others pain.

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