Marshall jury decides fate of major company

Tonight at 10, Cody Lillich has a follow up to a KLTV 7 investigation for you.  A Marshall jury decided a Texas company should be punished for the way it handled changes in manufacturing its guardrails.  Cody explains the decision and why it could end up costing Trinity Industries millions of dollars.

Beautiful weather is on tap for the next few days.  Chief Meteorologist Mark Scirto is in the Storm Tracker Weather Center tracking all of the factors that could affect how long this type of weather will stick around.  Tonight at 10 in a new forecast, he'll let you know when you should start looking for falling temperatures and rain.

Often, parents who homeschool their children worry their kids will miss out on the joys of participating in extra-curricular activities at a competitive level.  Tonight at 10, Justin Woodard has a new report with the story of some Tyler football players whose parents don't have to worry about that.