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Soldiers Get Christmas Ornaments From East Texans

An East Texas woman is making the holidays happy for her soldier husband by sending him Christmas ornaments in Iraq. At home at the family convenience store in Lake O the Pines, Michelle Youngblood wanted to make her husband Dennis' holiday special while he's on duty in Iraq. So she granted a request he made.

"All i want you to send over is Christmas decorations, so we went on a rampage," says Michelle.

Sergeant Dennis Youngblood has been stationed in Iraq since February, and wanted to decorate trees at his base camp, to make it feel more like the holidays. Michelle and other army wives banded together to send over 15 boxes of nothing but decorations. And she loved his reaction when they arrived.

"Dennis said they opened the boxes and he actually had some of his younger guys get emotional most of them teared up, it makes them feel homey," she says.

Youngblood feels she should do everything she can to support her husband, and she's had lots of experience supporting troops.

"My father is a retired command sergeant major, so I went from being a military dependant to being a military spouse," says Michelle.

Youngblood is expected home in February.

Bob Hallmark reporting.

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