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Local Home Builder Raising Money For Charity

Hurricanes that struck Florida this summer caused millions of dollars in damage and left thousands of families homeless. Now, one local home builder is hoping to help some of those families out.

Mike Brattlof of Brattlof Homes has come up with a unique idea to try and raise money for hurricane victims. For the last few weeks Brattlof has opened one of his newest homes in Tyler, to tours.

For a small fee the public can look through the 4-bedroom 8,000 sq. ft. home Brattlof calls "The Villa de Sienna".

Money raised from the tours will then be sent to "Habitat for Humanity" in Charlotte County, Florida.

Brattlof said it's a great idea, but one he can't take all the credit for. His 9-year-old son actually started the giving.

"My dad and my mom were talking and so I heard on the Weather Channel that all this had happened and so I ran upstairs and got my wallet and came back down and put $20 on the table," said John Michael Brattlof.

So far the Brattlof's have raised $18,000 but they need your help. If you would like to tour the home it's located at 2020 Stonegate Blvd. in the Stonegate subdivision in Tyler. The home is open daily through December 19. Tours are $5 per person.

Chris Gibson, reporting

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