Major Ebola developments

There are many new developments in the effort to contain Ebola in Dallas.  Tonight at 10, we have a couple of new reports that make sure you know just what is going on and what you can expect next.

Storm Tracker Meteorologist Cedric Haynes joins us tonight to tell you about what you can expect from the weather where you live.  He's in the Storm Tracker Weather Center, putting together a new forecast just for you.  You can catch it at 10.

Summer Dashe has a new report on why you won't be seeing any new red fire trucks in the city of Whitehouse. She's been talking with fire fighters who are excited to explain why black signifies unity for a city moving forward.

In a new Proud of East Texas report, Joan Hallmark explains why an East Texas woman's victorious recovery from a life-threatening car wreck changed more than the survivor's life.  Joan focuses on Patti Foster tonight at 10.