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Confederate Marker Placed At Marshall Cemetery

    After 100 and 24 years a confederate war hero was finally recognized with full honors in Marshall. Decedents of major John Coleman of the 3rd Texas calvary in the confederate army gathered at the old Marshall memorial cemetery. They were there to dedicate a head stone with full military honors.

     A marker was also placed on Colemans grave site. His descendants say it's was a fitting tribute to a man who fought with courage like any other soldier at any other time in our history.

    "For many years his marker had fallen down, and i traced his background and when i found out where he was buried and put this marker in place this finally closes his burial because he was here 125 years and never had a marker now he does" said colemans great grandson Bill Owens.

   Members of the "sons of the confederacy" attended todays dedication.

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