Better East Texas: Is new Houston law trying to control the church?

Better East Texas: Is new Houston law trying to control the church?

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - In what sounds like a scene from another country, with a less than democratic government, the City of Houston has subpoenaed sermon content from several pastors in various churches in the city.

The Houston City Council passed a law known as the HERO law that stands for Houston's Equal Rights Ordinance. Now, the content of the law is unpopular with many citizens and a movement has been underway to have the law face a voter referendum.

So, petitions have been started and turned in. And many church leaders have been very vocal in their opposition to the law and have supported the movement to bring the law to a vote.

The City of Houston, led by Mayor Anisse Parker, is against repealing the law. The city is so much against it, that it has subpoenaed pastors to turn over sermons, presentations, speeches or anything related to the law or the mayor. The absolute purpose of the subpoenas is not public, but representatives of the pastors and the pastors themselves feel it is a violation of their free speech. The bottom line is that this is a scene from another country that should offend all freedom-loving Americans.

Now, I hope that it is not the case, but it sure seems that the City of Houston is trying to control and restrict what can be said by church leaders. This is a cornerstone that cannot be destroyed in our country and what is said in a church is protected and should not be used for political gain.

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