Better East Texas: Accurate information, responsibility key to conquering Ebola

Better East Texas: Accurate information, responsibility key to conquering Ebola

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - With so much activity and attention on Ebola and the fight to contain it, it is no surprise that misinformation, paranoia and even disregard have started to grab the spotlight as well.

Until the CDC finds a definitive cause for the exposure of care providers to the virus, there will be misinformation. The hospital and the CDC seem to be working together but obviously there are many unknowns. Now, these unknowns are leading to paranoia as the belongings of the first Ebola victim, Thomas Eric Duncan are held up in a lawsuit that is preventing the transfer of the incinerated contents to be properly disposed of in a landfill in Louisiana that specializes in hazardous waste.

It is more of a public stunt, with the Attorney General of Louisiana trying to block the disposal in his state. The landfill in question is designed for hazardous waste and there are specific protocols that should be followed. They need to go ahead and accept the delivery. This is what the landfill was designed for.

The final point on all the publicity about Ebola, is that an on-air media personality from a national TV network decided to ignore a voluntary quarantine for some takeout food in New Jersey and left the residence where she was quarantined.

She and her team are now essentially under guard to make certain they comply. This is a doctor that disregarded this preventative measure.

Ebola will be difficult, but not impossible to conquer, but accurate information and responsible action are needed and that will make for a better East Texas.

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