Gift of Love: Brian

It was an afternoon of fun at the bowling lanes for Brian and I.  He is easy going and very quiet until he gets to know someone.  Brian will slowly open up when he knows someone truly cares about him.

One thing that Brian loves is, "going to school," Brian said.

This sixth grader says his favorite subject is social studies.  But when it comes to his future, he's all about sports.

"Football player," Brian said.

And he'd like to play a defensive position. If that doesn't work out, he like to be a basketball player.  Can you tell he loves sports?  In fact, he'd love to tour the homes of the big leagues.

"Go to football stadiums...and basketball stadiums," Brian said.

The Miami Heat is his favorite basketball team and when it comes to football, the New Orleans Saints are his team.

In his free time, Brian likes to skateboard and roller skate.  And like most other 12 year olds, Brian likes movies!

"I like all kinds of movies," Brain said, especially the scary ones!

He also hopes to find a forever family that likes to travel.

Brian says he'd love to see, "Hawaii!"

Brian says he would love to have older brothers or sisters and live in the city.  He also says it is important to him to go to church. As for his mom and dad, he just wants a family to love him.

"A dad that loves video games and a mom that loves me," Brian said.

Brian needs reassurance and positive feedback about his value in a family.  He desires to connect with a family who will keep him safe and most importantly show Brian the Gift of Love.

If you'd like to know more about Brian or other East Texas children available for adoption call our GIFT OF LOVE HOTLINE, TOLL-FREE, 1-888-KIDS-275.