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Longview Bad Restaurant Report

Six Longview area restaurants were cited for major violations in the latest round of inspections by the Longview Health Department, including Churches Fried Chicken at 200 Toler road. Six violations were found in a November 22nd inspection. Hot foods were at unsafe temperatures and there was evidence of roach contamination. They scored a B.

Six violations were also found in a December 6th inspection of Luby's Cafeteria at 2802 Tuttle Road. Hot and cold foods were at unsafe temperatures, and food prep areas were unsanitary. They scored a B.

Casa Ole at 280 Spur 63 had five violations when inspected December 6th. Utensils were unsanitized and cold food were at unsafe temperatures, they scored a B.

Inspected November 22nd, Long John Silvers at 209 West Loop 281 had five violations. There were unsanitary food prep areas and toxic items were stored near food items. They scored a B.

The Summit Club at 211 East Tyler Street had five violations in a November 30th inspection. There were hygienic violations among employees, and hot foods were kept at unsafe temperatures. They scored a B.

And the Waffle Shoppe at 707 West Marshall had five violations in an October 25th inspection. Hot foods were at unsafe temperatures and food prep areas were uncleaned. They scored a B.

All inspections reports are provided by the Longview Environmental Health Department.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.

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