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Football Fever Catching In Troup

"Everyone all of Troup is backing the boys and hoping they'll make it," says Violet Landrun of Troup.

"All the businesses donated to cheer sticks and we'll have around 500 of those in the stands," says Susan Reid, a business owner and devout Tiger Fan.

The town of Troup may be small, but their football spirit is anything but.

"It's parents, it's people with a business, it's people who have graduated from Troup years ago that you don't see come back for anything but they'll come back for the football game," says Reid.

Last week, the Tigers secured a spot in the State 2A Semi Finals, a feat the town feels they accomplished together. The streets are filled with signs, window decorations, and even a scare crow/football player.

Mildred Steele, grandmother of the Tigers Quarterback, Bo Steele, says it's all to show the boys how much they believe in them.

"We're very excited. It's been 31 years since we've won a State Championship and we think it's time for another one."

The Tigers hit the field with identical records as their opponent Lexington: 13 and 1.

But Mildred says the pack from Troup has an advantage.

"They played football together since they were kindergartners. I think that's another thing that makes this so special to them. They realize this is their last year together, they'll be going to different colleges and be separated."

But for now the team is together, and fans are already thinking of how to prepare them for their biggest game of all.

"Usually this time of the year we have Christmas decorations in the window but this year, football takes priority. There won't be any Christmas decorations until the State Championship is over with -which we plan on winning," says Mildred.

You can see the Troup Tigers in action Friday in Waco. The game starts at 7:30.

Reporting: Braid Sharp

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