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12/9/04-Columbus, OH

Deadly Shooting At A Nightclub Concert

Last night, a man charged a nightclub stage in Columbus, Ohio, as Dallas band Damageplan was playing, killing four people including heavy metal guitarist, "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott. Abbott was known as a pioneer of heavy metal. He was a frenetic, ear-shattering guitarist who helped define the genre in the early 1980s as a member of Dallas band Pantera. After leaving Pantera, Abbott joined Dallas band Damageplan.

A police spokeswoman says the shooter has been identified as 25 year old Nathan Gale of Marysville, Ohio. According to witnesses, Gale climbed onto the stage and fired point blank at Abbott.

Before being shot by an officer, Gale apparently turned on the crowd and took a hostage.

The hostage was saved, but two fans were also killed.

Police say it appears Gale's main target was the band, but there isn't a clear motive at the time.

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