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12/8/04-Van Zandt County

2nd Grader Finds $100 Bill And Gets Reward

It started out like any other day, but Canton 2nd grader, Emma Pinkerton made it one that would be hard to forget.

"When I got here I just saw some money laying down here right here where that leaf is, then I went to the office and I showed Ms. Day and told her that I found the 100 dollar bill," says the 7 year old.

You heard right - $100, found by a child who didn't plan on keeping it.

"I was standing at the office in the front counter and she walked up to me and said Mrs. Day I found a hundred dollars and I said what!? She didn't hesitate, she wasn't excited about it, it was just like finding a piece of paper on the ground that's how she acted just like herself," says Mrs. Kathy Day, the Counselor at the elementary.

The act of honesty was something Emma says she learned from her parents.

"There's nothing worth having if you don't get it honestly really, you have to work hard for it," says Emma's mother, Camille Landry.

The 2nd grader says she took their advice when she discovered the money.

"My mom and dad said the right thing to do is to be honest. Because if someone didn't find it, it would be real sad. And that could have been for paying for something really important," says Emma.

It was important for the grandmother of two of Emma's classmates who was planning to buy Christmas presents with the money. She dropped the bill that morning while handing her grand kids lunch money. After she found out it had been turned in, she personally thanked Emma with a 5 dollar reward. But instead of keeping it all to herself, Emma decided to give- again.

"I was at my desk and Emma walked up with a dollar bill and said Ms. Teel, I want to donate this to Pennies in The Park. And I was overwhelmed," says Emma's teacher Linda Teel.

"It just makes me feel happy that I did it, it's just something I should have done anyway," says Emma.

The Pennies For The Park project Emma donated to is a school wide collection set up to raise money for a new park in Van Zandt County.

So far the Elementary has raised 700 dollars. If you'd like to also make a donation you can call Canton Elementary at 903-567-6521.

Reporting: Braid Sharp bsharp@kltv.com

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