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Red Raider Spirit May Translate To Better Classroom Performance

Will a victory on the field translate to winning in the classroom? At Tyler's Robert E. Lee, students say there is an energy on campus like never before as the football team prepares for their state title game Saturday in San Antonio.

The spirit is everywhere. The Red Raider football team's success is motivating many at Lee to take it to the next level.

Cheerleader Alaina Miller: "There's also rumors that the basketball team says if the football team wins state, they'll win state."

But as this season ends, win or lose, some of these kids say there is a momentum -- a feeling of pride that will continue on the field and in the classroom.

Alice Post, Lee sophomore and member of the debate team: "Any success will drive competition, of course. Not only competition in one general area, but you want your own program to do well also."

Principal Rick McDaniel: "I've seen it happen where success in one area leads to success in another."

The timing of this run, students say, could pay off. Finals are coming up and the start of a new semester.

Senior Alex York: "In the springtime, we'll see UIL academics and people will want to succeed even more because they'll want to prove their worth to the school as well."

Senior Alex Miller: "I have lots of classes with football players and it's not just 'Congratulations'. It's an aura of mutual success like we're actually out there succeeding ourselves."

"I'm looking forward to a victory parade," McDaniel says.

It's something all say will change Robert E. Lee forever. Despite the excitement and the attention, teachers are trying to keep the focus on academics. Finals start a week from Wednesday.

Reported by Morgan Palmer.

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