Proud of East Texas: Bob & Janette Blair

Proud of East Texas: Bob & Janette Blair

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - Bob Blair says he's always loved collecting.

Bob's wife Janette simply says she "married a collector." But the two of them own one of the most exclusive cars in the entire world, a 1930 Willys Knight Phaeton, one of only two in existence.

Bob fell in love with the Willys Knight car in 1987, primarily because of its sleeve valve engine. A friendship with Al Giddings, famed co-producer and underwater director of "the Titanic" and other top movies, resulted in Bob an Janette buying the Willys Knight that Giddings had restored.

Blair added his touches and the auto has taken top prizes in the country's most prestigious invitational auto shows.

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