Former NFL player speaks at TJC

Former NFL player speaks at TJC

While the world has followed the bad of pro football, Shawn Harper has seen the good.

"Football served as a great avenue," said Harper.  "Without that, I wouldn't be here tonight."

Harper has used football to become an success story.

Graduating last in his high school class and challenged with four documented learning disabilities, Harper climbed his way from junior college, to Indiana University to a an NFL career. The former Rams 4th round pick is now a life coach who speaks across the country. He spoke to TJC student athletes Thursday night.

"One of the greatest opportunities is being an athlete and using what you've learned on the field or in competition and apply in life," said Harper.

Harper hates to see the brand of NFL tarnished by a few. But the former offensive line believes too much of the good is being ignored.

"The media focuses on one or two or three people and then they try to label that for the entire NFL," said Harper.  "If you take the last five years in the NFL, there's thousands of athletes and 98 percent are doing amazing things, charities, foundations.  People who are in the know, realize the NFL is much bigger than three or four players."

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