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Students Get Early Christmas Present

Hallsville high school students turned a fund raiser into an early Christmas present for some deserving students. The high schoolers sold spirit chains during homecoming and raising more than $3,500. That money sent 100 young students on a shopping adventure.

Today Nathan Parker, and several other seniors, have buddied up with Hallsville primary students to spend the money earned in a fundraiser. "It's enough to where each child gets the $20 gift card for here," says Nathan.

But the kids saw more than just shoes they wanted and the seniors have soft hearts. "Like in my case, he went over a little bit so I pitched in about $1 so he could get the laces on his shoes," says Nathan.

2nd grader Jamie got tons of things like shoes, socks even sunglasses. But she has a good reason for doing so. "Because I liked everything in here." With her new Hello Kitty shoe laces, to go with her new pair of shoes, Jamie's looking good.

This shopping trip gives the kids more than just what will fit in a bag. "It's not just about the shoes, it's about spending time with them and giving them sort of like a roll model to look up to," says Nathan.

It's also a day they'll never forget. "He's a good little guy. And we're having fun together," says Nathan.

The fun didn't stop at the shoe store for the Hallsville primary students, they also enjoyed pizza and games at the nearby Chuckie Cheese.

Amy Tatum, reporting.

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