Better East Texas: America needs better plan to combat ISIS

(KLTV) - It has barely been a month since President Barack Obama told an impatient press corp not to put the cart before the horse and admitted that we did not have a plan to deal with ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria).

Days later Great Britain's terror threat level went up and it seems that our own plan for dealing with the terror network became active. Fast forward a month and we have begun a bombardment campaign in Syria to destroy ISIS.

While the U.S. certainly has the technology to leave a scorched earth as a result of this bombing exercise, we look like we are unorganized and even unsupported in this military action. The president stated that we have broad international support of the campaign but it is really only the regional nations, many of which we have significant influence over, that are participating. But even the thought of their participation is shallow, as this is almost all U.S. weaponry and resources.

Missing from the broad international coalition is our closest ally Great Britain, a near ally France and even Australia is not part of the coalition yet. Great Britain and Australia have been singled out as targets for ISIS attacks, so you would think they would be on board with a phone call – but that is not the case.

All of the points along this timeline indicate that we are going alone in this mission and we don't really have a well-thought plan.

The eradication or at least the disruption of ISIS is overdue, but out our lack of leadership on the international front has weakened our influence and it may cost us in other crises. America must be prepared for international conflicts because they are coming our way.

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