Downtown Tyler Film Festival kicks off Wednesday

Downtown Tyler Film Festival kicks off Wednesday

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - The Downtown Tyler Film Festival is back for its fourth year. The filmmakers are set to arrive in town on Wednesday to compete in the festival, which is growing and becoming more prestigious in the film community with each passing year.

The film festival, which will take place Sept. 24-27 at Liberty Hall, features films of various genres, submitted by filmmakers from across age groups; most are from Texas.

In the attached example, the subject is a young woman who is a graffiti artist. She addresses the questions she receives from people wondering if she's breaking the law, or if she does her art in the dark of night so she won't get caught. The filmmaker, Alexia Salingaros, is a young woman from San Antonio. Salingaros is a high school student at

and has been making films for the past four years. She is also a music composer,

. Liberty Hall is at 110 W. Erwin St., on the square in Tyler.

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