Your chance to help put 2 longtime fugitives away

We have a new edition of Crimefighters for you.  Watch tonight at 10 for the details on how you can help East Texas law enforcement officials take 2 men who've been wanted for a long time off of your streets.  One is accused of sexually assaulting a child.  The other is accused of kidnapping.  Watch at 10 to see what you can do.

Justin Woodard has a new report on how the Tyler Lee Red Raiders are coming into their own.  He's going to introduce you to the quarterback who's playing a key role in making that happen.  The 62 point score he led his team to putting on the board is just one record the Red Raiders broke in their district opener.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Scirto is back from the East Texas State Fair.  He'll join us in the studio from the Storm Tracker 7 Weather Center to explain your new forecast.  Catch it tonight at 10!